Aerial Photography And Video Professionals

Video Production Services

Aerial Pro UAV / Drone services can turn your ideas into reality with years of knowledge and a strong background in photography and videography. We are a fully licensed and CASA approved operator. Whether it’s high end film productions, documentaries or advertising we bring cutting edge UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) technology and a passion for perfection to assist you in promoting the best view of your business. Our range of high end drone technology captures HD and UHD (4K) video as well as high quality imagery to give you faster and smoother imagery and bring your ideas and business to life. Contact us today to discuss your project.

Aerial real estate photos and video

We use the latest UAV technology, high quality cameras and a depth of knowledge to show case your properties from the best angles. At Aerial Pro we produce high quality images and video of residential, commercial and rural real estate in Cairns and the surrounding areas. We understand the importance of quality and fast turnaround for your business and promotional material both online and offline to get the best for you and your clients. Aerial Pro UAV / Drone services has the know how to boost property profile and show case your properties in the best light. Contact us today to find out how.

Commercial drone applications

Aerial Pro UAV /Drone services covers a wide range of commercial and industrial aerial and ground based applications. Whether its property development, asset inspection, mining, security services or insurance assessment Aerial Pro can work with you to achieve your required outcomes. Our versatile fleet of intelligent drones allows us to work safely at height to produce stable and high quality footage and photos. We will deliver a safe cost effective and cutting edge product to suit your needs. A range of flexible packages is available so contact us today to discuss your needs.

Rural application

Aerial Pro provides precision agriculture, aerial Inspection, Hi-res 3D mapping services and resource management services. Using the latest in technology in UAV (drones) and computer software. Customize packages at a fraction of the price of other services. An aerial view of your ideas can bring a better understanding of a constant changing environment, contact us today and let Aerial Pro show you how to bring your farming into new affordable levels.